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Thursday, September 03, 2015

Shared Teaching: Terrific First Day of School

After months of thought and planning, our first day of the new model went very well. The only glitch was that I forgot to open up the parent survey permissions which was easily remedied.

Today students will switch classes for the first time. I know they're excited and I'm excited too as I'm looking forward to meeting the rest of my math students.

Rather than rushing right into the first lesson, we'll spend plenty of time learning names, introducing and practicing routines, and discussing the question, "What does success in math look like?"Before students work together to come up with ideas, we'll talk about those words "look like." After that, and as time permits, we'll work in our math journals on a math challenge.

During the afternoon we'll have our first open circle meeting and begin the new curriculum. Our school system has renewed our efforts to develop students' social competency and I look forward to participating in that effort with my homeroom class.

Of course they'll be some time to finish our start of the year read aloud as well. Onward.