Sunday, September 13, 2015

Strategic Change and Development: Path to Serving Children Well

When we see room for change, but feel powerless or oppressed, or possibly don't have the skills necessary to effect change, we may reach for process that's ineffective, problematic, or challenging.

In the best of circumstances, mentors, coaches, and leaders reach out to us when we feel this way and provide us with apt paths for advocacy and change.

When we reach points of understanding that to gain apt change you need positive strategic process, collaboration, advocacy, and effort, then we truly begin to realize the change our vision presents.

It takes strategic effort and development to make positive change.

It takes listening to the voices of many including your naysayers to forward positive development and effort.

It takes the confidence that good change can occur when we work together, listen to each other, and trust that our collective, compassionate, and thoughtful efforts will result in change that is best practice and service to the children we teach.