Sunday, September 13, 2015

It Could Happen This Way: New Programs/Apps

As I think of positive ways to advocate for a new tool/app system in my school district, I provide the following scenario.

A teacher like me is introduced to a large number of tools and programs daily via my online PLN. I'm also met with a large number of student needs, interests, and passions as well as standards and curriculum to teach. As my program evolves, I am constantly on the look out for tools and venues that respond well to the program requirements and students' needs and interests.

So when I learn of a program, I would like to do the following:
  • Access the trial. Follow system-wide protocols for appropriate, forward, engaging, and empowering digital use.
  • Try it out with students. Chart results.
  • If worthy, apply for the funding needed.
  • As long as the program meets system-wide protocols and funding is available, funding would be provided and the technology would be available.
  • Also, when tech is deemed profitable, it would be shared so that others could access if desired.
This would be a more fluid, responsive system of app/program use--one that has the potential to invigorate our efforts to personalize and differentiate teaching in order to serve all students well.