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Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Seven C's: Building Blocks of Resilience

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Yesterday's school start introduced faculty to the seven C's with regard to developing resilience. How will I embed these efforts into the teaching learning program this year?

I've created a student-friendly structure for math learning/teaching that I believe will build student competence. I'm going to make plenty of time upfront this year to teach and coach students to success with this structure, a structure, I believe, will build students' facility with the Standards of Mathematical Practice which in turn will develop students' understanding of the grade-level standards and enrichment options.

We will build confidence as a team in the following ways. First, we'll start the year with a number of community building/content exercises so as we review and learn content, we'll also learn about each other. Next we'll embed and develop shared protocols to keep our team strong. We'll revise protocols as needed in this regard. After that I'll work at listening and responding to individual student's needs and interests, and work to embed that into our curriculum work. In addition, I'll build in as many opportunities as possible for all students to lead as leadership builds confidence.

Students will have multiple opportunities to connect with many teachers, classmates, leaders, community members, and organizations outside of our school. As an educator, I will coach students with regard to making positive connections.

We will explicitly teach the attributes of character and apply that teaching to our year's teaching/coaching efforts.

Students will devote their efforts for the Global Cardboard Challenge arcade to an international reading effort. Also, students will work as mentors and guides to kindergarten and first grade students. These are two ways students will contribute to others. I'm sure we'll build in more through our school-wide service learning initiative this year.

Through our twice-a-week social competency efforts, current events discussions, and our daily conflict resolution/student listening we'll coach students with regard to how to cope with challenging situations. I imagine we'll employ role play, discussion, and other strategies to develop students' skills in this regard.

As we discuss playground rules and classroom protocols, we'll discuss how responsible behavior leads to greater privilege. We'll explicitly discuss respect and responsibility too.

There are many acronyms and C-lists to lead our efforts in school, and the one above provides a good lens with which to develop student resilience and strength with regard to learning and living well.