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Wednesday, September 02, 2015

New Year New Routines

Today is day one of the school year, and as I think about the day ahead, I'm aware of the fact that the routines, patterns, and protocols you establish in the first six weeks of the school year stick so it's important to take the first days slowly and carefully.

There's a lot of simple routines that I want to shore up in the year ahead so today on day one we'll spend some time on lunch count and attendance, packing and stacking, reading the schedule and following the morning routine, and listening and asking questions. When those routines are solidified the whole day runs better.

We'll also review the school week routine, class website, and class protocols. We'll make revisions to these lists where necessary. We'll talk about team and play a few games too. Students will have time to write me a short note too, and of course there will be plenty of time to play and renew friendships from the year past.

Personally, I'm trying out a few new routines to make the year a peaceful, happy, and healthy year too. In just a bit more than an hour I'll meet my class, then tomorrow I'll meet the rest of the TeamFive team. The journey begins :)