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Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Positive Coaching and Encouragement: Teaching Well

Have you ever been apart of a team where the there was positive coaching, truthful encouragement, and enthusiasm for the mission? If you have, you know it's an awesome experience.

It's really difficult to pull from within day after day to reach goals, but when you're apart of a terrific team, the adrenaline flows, motivation mounts, and the goal is within reach. Though it can still be arduous, the sense of team makes the experience empowering rather than draining.

Do you foster the kind of team you desire? Do you coach those with whom you team or work with forward with positivity and a sense of "we can do this," or are you the forever nag, constantly looking at the negative side of the endeavor and endless paths ahead of you?

Positive coaching and encouragement can make what seems impossible, possible. This dynamic event truly lifts up all those around you as well as you--it's a win-win.

If you don't have a positive coach in your midst, you may need to find one because it's very difficult to do the challenging work of teaching well on your own.