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Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Develop Expertise: Teaching Math

During last night's #edchat Daniel T. Willingham chimed in and shared his article about teacher preparation, "Teachers Aren't Dumb."

As I thought about recent events in the schoolhouse, my main focus on math education, and a desire to dig in and continue to learn, Willingham's article came at a good time. Coincidentally I had just been sharing Willingham's research from his book, Why Students Don't Like School with students during math class yesterday.

To dig in and become an expert on the content you teach not only serves children well, but that effort also serves you well. As an expert, you'll gain the confidence to speak up, employ research, and develop your craft with strength. The more we know about the content we teach, the better we'll be able to teach it.

Knowing the content well requires that one identify the best people, organizations, and resources to follow, read, and learn from regularly as content in any field continually takes on new details and shape. Knowledge is continually in flux and as an expert it's important that you keep up with the change.

So, in the days ahead, I'll deepen my knowledge of teaching math well. I'll collect a number of great articles here to read and refer to as I move in that direction.

Article/Book Collection

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