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Saturday, August 01, 2015

How Do Your Systems Work?

I truly like the notion of systems.

I almost always see work as a series of interlocking steps, system work.

I try to create facile, efficient systems of effort in school so that most time is spent on rich, deep learning endeavor.

As we think about school systems, which systems do you think work well and which systems are in need or updating, repair, or perhaps recycling?

Systems that work well make the less important, procedural work efficient, streamlined, and targeted thus leaving quality time for the most important efforts, the kind, caring, responsive work we do with and for children.

System audits require that we analyze where we spend our time, and how that time results in good effort and effect.

How do the systems you employ and participate in work?

Which systems are effective, and which systems are not?

This is an important consideration as we move schools forward towards better service to students and the community.