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Saturday, July 11, 2015

What is the Goal?

There are many potential goal setting processes including the dream goals, year goals, and next step goals.

Next step goals are immediate responding to the what's happening now.

Year goals are the goals you set with family and colleagues to improve your work or lives in ways that are doable in the near future.

Then the dream goals are those goals that you're always reaching for. The dream goals are sometimes difficult to put into words and only now and then are you inspired enough to truly outline, define, and chart those goals.

When I can clearly see the "dream goals," I consider that a moment of clarity--the goal is clear and easy to define.

A good night's sleep, summer, this morning's beautiful cool air, bright sunshine, and chorus of bird songs have fostered the clarity--a clarity I've been reaching for since the start of summer.

For me, right now, the dream goal is to diminish most worldly goods and objects to create more time for reflection, experiences, and deep work.

Too many clothes, books, games, utensils clutter my home making dull work and less time for what I really want to do. Thanks to the computer, there's little need for many objects that once took up lots of space such as large stereo systems, big book shelves, and files upon files of paperwork. Also thanks to the computer, we can do a lot of our work in the comfort of our homes which means we need less fancy clothes, shoes, coats, and accessories. The computer has enabled us to simplify our lives considerably, and I like that.

Rather than support a home of treasures, I'd like to contribute to maintaining beautiful natural lands and trails, public museums and libraries, and centers of health, learning, and recreation.

Though I love a beautiful home and enjoy visiting the homes of those that have the means to buy and care for those homes, a simple home is the best home for me. So on this beautiful day I'll begin the dream goal, a goal to simplify all that I can to make time for greater thought, deeper work, and better love. Onward.