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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Time Wasted or Time Well Spent

Sometimes the way we engage and the endeavors we join are not worth the time or effort. They go nowhere.

That's why it is important to consider the value of your time and effort--when is time spent wasted and when is time spent valuable?

Observing and taking part in efforts before committing to those events is a good idea with regard to time well spent or time wasted. Sometimes we may partake in an event only to realize a commitment to that work would not result in good gain or meaningful contribution, and other times we preview an effort and we know right away that it's a worthwhile experience.

As I think about this topic and the work that lays before me, I choose the following activities:
  • Weekly #satchat and #edchat: those chats result in lots of great efficient learning, connections, links, and resources.
  • Commitment to research, creativity, and reflection related to the topics I am teaching which are mostly learning-to-learn mindsets/attitudes, math, and STEAM.
  • Greater research and reflection with regard to teaching and learning through selected, high quality online and offline events and venues. 
There are many areas that I will steer clear of as well as those areas are not worth the time and investment required with regard to my goals and forward movement.