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Monday, July 06, 2015

Summer Balance

I spent a bit of time watching this seal pup rest on shore
and eventually find its way back to the surf at one of
my favorite beaches. 
What draws your time and energy during the summer days? Are you chasing toddlers around a playground, riding the waves at the beach, working a summer job, or lying down under an umbrella reading a book?

We are all called in multiple directions; directions that most likely change throughout life. What we were doing at 15, 30, 40 both changes and stays the same.  Also, if you're like me and live with a number of emerging adults (growing children), a spouse, and perhaps with or nearby family members and friends, you're pulled in multiple people directions as well. It's always a challenge to find that just right balance and typically takes some time at any transition such as school year to summer, a move to a new neighborhood, or changing schools.

Summer is finally settling in for me. I wasn't going to study a lot this summer, but clearly, I'm called in that direction because when I wake up every morning, the first thing  I want to do is sit down with a hot cup of coffee and study. So that will be a summer mainstay.

Though it's not my first inclination, but a necessary component, the next summer call is getting outside and moving around whether it's swimming, biking, walking, hiking, or playing a game--that's needed!

Another call is cooking with all those delicious fruits and veggies that abound at this season. As much as possible, I want to move from animal products to those that can be grown and harvested from gardens, orchards, and even porch containers.

Lastly there's a desire to escape with my loved ones to beautiful places like mountains, beaches, forests, and some city visits as well--I love to travel and explore both new places and beloved spaces.

The summer schedule is set--a nice balance at last (or at least for the moment in this ever changing family life I'm a part of).