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Thursday, July 02, 2015

Stand by Your Words, Actions, and Change of Mind

I was reminded of an event that occurred.

I disagreed with an approach and an individual offered affirmation.

I shared the story with a friend.

Later at an event my friend attended, the same individual affirmed an approach in contrast to the approach the individual affirmed with me.

What does the individual truly believe?

Does that individual stand by his/her words and actions?  Did that individual change his/her mind? If so, was he/she obliged to tell me of the change and the rationale for the change?

It's important that we stand by our words and actions, and that if we change our mind, that we share the change with those who the change affects in deed or voice.

I change my mind all the time since I'm always gaining new insight and reading new information. I try to keep my thinking current with those that it affects. I also support a culture that coaches people forward with deeper, broader understanding.

In most cases, our transparency and share about what we believe, strive for, and do impacts our lives and those lives we affect with positivity, promise, and strength. In some cases, however, privacy is integral to good work, but that is true for only a small fraction of our efforts.

No matter who we are or what we do, it is important to stand by our words, actions, and change of mind. If you catch me not following through in this regard, let me know as that's not my intent.