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Thursday, July 09, 2015

Learning: A Humble Journey

Learning is humbling.

What we were sure of yesterday may not be true today.

What was once the status quo may now be outdated, insignificant, and worse yet, even harmful.

Our world is in constant flux, and if we truly embrace learning, change is a constant in our world--the world of learners.

To face change is humbling.

To truly look around and notice the differences in today's world and then to embrace the differences that are positive and enriching demands courage, care, and a willingness to admit what was once right is no longer correct.

As we change, we need to be brave too. We need to be willing to ask the tough questions; to face outdated practice and effort with discussion and new endeavor, and to listen too--we won't always know the right answers or take the right turn as we travel the road of learning and change.

It's difficult to bury the past that is no longer true or good. It's hard to say goodbye to efforts you once met with such joy and confidence. Yet, if you join others who embrace learning, and invite change, you will surely have a band of empathetic comrades with which to navigate the road.

I've learned a lot in 29 years of teaching, and I expect I'll learn a lot more too. What stands tall at this point in the path are the following beliefs:
  • We have to listen to our call and follow our hearts and minds.
  • We have to listen to those around us too and heed their wisdom, care, and advice.
  • We have to learn from the past, and then move beyond it into the day and then to the future.
  • We have to speak up for what we believe to be right and good.
  • We have to be compassionate and empathetic to one another as the road is always full of challenge, surprise, and new learning.
  • We have to accept that each of us is called in unique and personal ways--our calls and direction will sometimes share the same path, but often we'll travel in different ways.
To learn well is a humble journey. It is a journey that softens our edges and enlarges our hearts. To walk the path well is to do our best with kindness, care, truth, and commitment.