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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Imagine New Roles and Spaces for Schools

Take a few minutes to imagine without pragmatism. What could be some roles in schools? I've thought of a couple roles. What other roles and spaces would you add to this list.

Outdoor Play and Nature Study Leader
In this role, the leader has a shed with multiple outdoor play and nature study tools. He/she leads playground fun and exploration by supporting games, fort making, insect observations, leaf collecting, gardening, and more.  There's an inside space associated with this position too--perhaps it's a space created on the playground made of mostly windows and screens that houses a library of related books, writing, and drawing supplies and materials.

New Idea Team and Innovation Space
This team hunts for new ideas and then shares those new ideas with students in an innovation space. There's a budget for the team, and when students want to try something new or learn in a different way, they spend some time in this space.