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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Wonderful Field Day!

Today our school physical education teacher and adaptive physical education teacher conducted a brand new kind of field day at our high school's beautiful track and fields.

The entire student body hiked over to the site to engage in a large number of wonderful games and activities. Parent volunteers led the student events.

Dressed in a special color for each grade, teams of students moved from station to station on this bright, blue sky day.

It was courageous for a new teacher to try out such a big, new event, and from my fifth grade teacher lens, I thought it was remarkable.

Next year, I'll make sure I have a few chaperones to accompany us to and from the high school so we have extra hands for unexpected events and I probably won't plan a field trip for the day before as we did this year, but other than that, the day was a true success for one and all. Kudos to our terrific physical education team and school administration who supported the new idea.