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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Challenge Maze

A challenge much like a maze exists for school year 2015-2016.

For the past month (and more), I've tried multiple paths, but each one has resulted in a dead end.

At the end of the maze is good work for children and a successful school year 2015-2016.

I've probably worked on the maze by posing questions, creating and refining a proposal, communicating thoughts, and engaging in discussion for about 40 hours so far to no avail.

What would help me with this challenging maze?
  • Response to questions would help as that would help me navigate the path.
  • Lead time would help as that would give me the chance to do the work necessary to set the stage for a successful year. 
  • Understanding would help as I'm not sure why I keep meeting the dead ends rather than the ability to do fluid work to reach the goal.
The inability to continue this path equals lost potential for me and for my future students. I know what time-on-task, preparation, and communication can do to set the stage for success and strength. To let go of that potential is to let go of the best possible service and success.

But, perhaps there's something I don't know. Perhaps there's a sensitive, important reason for the delay. Maybe I cannot see the whole picture. If that's the case, help me to understand as I want to work in concert with others to do what is best for the children I teach.

My only desire in this regard is to do the best job possible and that's why I pose this dilemma.

6/11/15 Note:
We had a break through with the maze and now we're moving forward towards that goal of teaching the 2015-2016 students together with care and success.