Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Who Do You Create For?

Google Draw illustration to demonstrate meaning of
the power of 2. 
As I used Google Draw to illustrate a couple of math concepts recently, I was reminded of whom I create for and that's children.

No matter what I do with regard to education, my main audience and most formidable pull is the children I teach. As I write, create, craft, and reflect, I'm thinking of the way they think, create, collaborate, and learn. I'm always wondering, what will help them to make sense of the information in ways that are meaningful and life enriching.

This is probably why my voice, and the voices of my colleagues, may not be entertained as widely or as enthusiastically as the voices of others. When children are your main audience, your voice may not be as appealing or accessible to adults who don't work with children with as much time-on-task as the typical classroom or subject area teacher.

And when I'm writing, it's not so much the words or images, that I'm concerned with. Instead I am most focused on the plan--the way the words will enliven a classroom discussion, learning experience, and follow-up efforts.

I deem the writing successful if the words leads me and my colleagues to dynamic learning experiences with and for children. This is probably how recipe authors deem success. If the recipe leads to a heightened experience of food and entertaining, then it's a success.

When you write, who is your audience and what is your purpose? When do you deem a blog post successful? How do your posts lead your work and the work of colleagues near and far?