Wednesday, June 24, 2015

What is Your Role: Definition

What is your role as an educator?

Who defines that for you?

How do you clearly understand your role's expectations?

As an educator, my broad role is to serve students well and to work as part of the teaching/learning team.

My more specific role can be defined in many ways depending on the lens you use.

For students, they want me to lead and support them with warmth, new ideas, enjoyable efforts, lots of learning, and a friendly, caring class community.

Leaders want me to contribute to the goals outlined and their lead with regard to decisions, timelines, and focus.

Families want be to be responsive, caring, knowledgeable, kind, and effective in all that I do.

Colleagues want me to listen, respond, contribute, and collaborate with respect, kindness, and time.

My own family wants me to balance all of this with their needs and interests too.

Personally, I want to effectively teach by incorporating new research, ideas, and resources with tried-and-true traditional ideas and craft to teach each child in engaging and empowering ways as outlined in this Albemarle School District chart shared by Ira Socol.