Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Math Enrichment: Coding

SCRATCH is a favorite coding site. 
I had a large number of students who coded regularly. They created amazing games and improved those games regularly using code. When you looked behind the game at the coding, it was complex and amazing. They hungered to share their games and codes with each other in school and after school, and talked of their in-person and online share regularly.

These young mathematicians were meeting all the standards and more.

Next year I want to present these students with more time for coding and coding share--their effort and enthusiasm will be contagious to others who may be new to coding or just starting to code on a regular basis. I want to make more time for coding talk and play. It's possible that we'll be able to do this starting with RTI enrichment groups, during free time, and for specific projects for all. Also, I know that the computer lab teachers engage students in this work.

How do you employ coding in your elementary school? Who drives this effort and where and when do you make time for it? This is one area of learning, I'll think and learn more about in the weeks to come.