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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Treasure Time

The tough days of challenging learning events and endeavor are past for school year 2014-2015. Students were tenacious as they grasped challenging learning concepts and prepared for deep projects and learning events. As a teaching team we're proud of their accomplishments, perseverance, and commitment.

Now we can wind down and spend more time conversing, playing games, creating, and exploring. Our final days' menu includes the following activities:
  • Days in nature exploring, playing games, and enjoying each others' company
  • A summer safety talk by police and fire officials
  • Listening to the local librarian introduce the summer reading program.
  • An acrobatic performance for the whole school
  • The final "changing bodies" unit film and discussion
  • Adding to showcase portfolios, report cards, and yearbooks.
  • Slideshow and clap-out: The whole school claps out the fifth graders since next year they'll attend the Middle School.
It's time to treasure these wonderful children. Onward.