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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Something Special About Every Child

As you look at your class this year, I bet you can think of something special about every child. As I think of my class, this is what comes to mind:
  1. Keen intellect
  2. Sense of humor
  3. Leadership skills
  4. Warm and loving
  5. Creative and sensitive
  6. Attention to detail
  7. Perseverance
  8. Love of Learning
  9. Writes with beautiful words
  10. Helpful and humble
  11. Inventive
  12. Inquisitive researcher
  13. Reverence for life and others
  14. Socially conscious
  15. Team player
  16. Funny and creative
  17. Problem solver
  18. Kind and caring
  19. Exuberant 
  20. Tenacious learner
  21. Empathetic designer
  22. Joyful teacher of young children
As I think of classes to come, I realize that one key to teaching well is to identify and nurture students' wonderful attributes, interests, passions, and gifts.