Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Math Patterns: The New Year

Next year, I'll teach math to 75 students. My colleagues will support the program by teaching Response to Intervention (RTI) math, differentiating as part of IEP plans, and by leading math skills labs.

As I think ahead to summer math study, I want to have a good idea of the math patterns I'll employ next year first.

Student Supplies
Each child will have a drawer in the math/STEAM classroom for their math supplies including a math journal binder, grid notebook, colored pencils, pencils, and sharpener. I'll order supply caddies to host student supplies.

Math Supplies
I'll also have a math supply space that includes multiple math supplies including rulers, protractors, dice, calculators, math manipulatives, graph paper, math books, and more.

Student Patterns
I'll expect students to come in, check the daily study board, collect their materials from their math drawer and from the shared math supply center, place their home study journal page in their notebook, leave that open for teacher review, and start with the morning work. While students begin their morning work, I'll walk around and check students' home study pages. Next, a few students will present their math journal assignment, we'll discuss, and after that we'll start our daily blended lesson.  I'll leave time at the end of each session to return supplies, file journal entries, and most likely review the learning with a short Flocabulary or other math video or song. Students homework will typically include an online assignment and a one sheet journal entry which will be transported back to their homerooms and homes in an accordion folder.

Home Study
Students' home study in math each night will include about 15-20 minutes of math journal writing and model drawing and about 15-20 minutes of online or offline skills practice using a menu with multiple learning choices including SCRATCH, Xtra Math, Google Draw, TenMarks, Khan Academy, and That Quiz.

Creating a learning framework for the teaching ahead helps you to order the supplies you'll need and set up the room to support the learning. This is a good start for the year ahead.