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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Teacher Voice: Moving Towards the Light

#satchat has become a ritual for me every Saturday morning. With coffee by my side, I take part in the 7:30 am weekly chat about educational thoughts and issues. Sometimes I'm right in the thick of it with the conversation, and other times, like this morning, I feel a bit off center from the conversation.

Today's discussion centered on teacher voice. It's been a challenging topic for me at work and on social media. In many ways, my voice is my own--a voice some relate to, but others don't. I continue to write and speak up because I'm journeying toward a vision for positive teaching and learning, a vision that's deep within me.

When I write and speak, I mostly communicate to share this vision, question, learn, and advocate for what I believe is to be right and good for children and educators. I am open to others' comments and remarks, and I am continually reshaping my vision as I read, research, try out new ideas, listen to colleagues near and far, and work with students, families, leaders, and community members.

Teaching and learning for me is truly a journey towards doing what's right in schools to serve children well. Right now the focus of my journey includes developing optimal communication skills, learning about the best ways to teach math and STEAM, and working with colleagues to develop our school-wide processes and systems to best support a dynamic learning community.

When off-center in a chat, I leave with many seeds of new ideas and practice--seeds that I'll nurture in the days ahead. In the meantime, I'll continue to follow the light to better teaching and service to children as part of the ever growing, changing, and deepening learning community I contribute to.