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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Moving Ahead: New Chapter

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Moving ahead in teaching and learning, as we all know, is not a straight path. Instead it's a twisty turvy river of thought and action or possibly a labyrinth as suggested recently by Greg Richardson.

I've been journeying this teaching/learning adventure for a long time now, and at times a new chapter emerges. New chapters highlight significant turns in the road.

Most recently, our teaching team's words were heard and we were supported in teaching with a relatively new model, a model that is an adaptation of our current, successful teaching model. The new model is a mix of greater autonomy over subject areas and greater collegiality and collaboration around teaching all students well. We are all excited about employing this model with strength and success.

As for my own role with regard to this model and the teaching year ahead, the greatest emphasis will be on listening and response. I've had a lot to say in the past many years, and now, for many reasons, it's time to listen more than speak, and respond more than initiate. I am working with many dedicated professionals and wonderful students and families. They all will bring terrific ideas and challenges to our team, and this is the time for me to work as listener, responder, and supporter.

Specifically with regard to my own growth, it's time to travel the labyrinth as Richardson suggests--a chance to go deeper with regard to building dynamic collegial and teacher-student/family relationships. It's also a time to go deeper with regard to the specific curriculum of math and STEAM as well as my role as a member of a dynamic PLN, PLC, and school.

The path is set, summer is here, and it's time to strengthen my skills, resolve, and energy for the teaching/learning symphony ahead.