Monday, June 29, 2015

SRSD: Math Problem Solving

A number of years ago, our school system contracted Leslie Laud to come and lead us using SRSD, self regulation strategy development, with regard to the teaching of writing.

I was very encouraged by the sense of pride and performance students demonstrated after using this approach. Now I am working with Leslie to grow my work with regard to math problem solving.

Recently, I dove into a few PARCC Practice problems and applied the strategy. This page demonstrates the application of the strategy to a computation area/perimeter multi-step problem.

I like the way SRSD empowers students critical thinking skills across the curriculum. I also like the way that this approach lends itself to a math workshop/educator-as-coach model of teaching and learning.

Do you use SRSD as an approach to math problem solving? If so, do you exemplars look like the one I shared above? I plan to continue to investigate this approach with Leslie and on my own this summer. You may be interested in contacting Leslie if you'd like to bring this approach to the learners in your school or district.