Saturday, June 13, 2015

Preparing for a Shared Teaching Model: Details

Word that our proposal for a shared teaching model was approved prompted a series of activities as we worked together with leaders to plan for the year ahead. We've already put these structures in place to prepare for success.

Team Name
We'll call the fifth grade learning/teaching team, a team made up of students, families, educators, leaders, and community members, TeamFive.

Team Website
We created a website to host all the essential team information. This website will serve to keep the whole team up-to-date with important dates, information, and resources.

Collegial Website
Since there's so much paperwork involved with a new model and collegial share, I created a website to host all the teacher information. A one-stop shop for the working documents needed to support the model.

Team List
We made a list with all the students' names and will distribute that list with Move-Up Letters.

Move-Up Letters and Move-Up Day
We wrote letters, supply lists, and summer study suggestions for move-up letters, and we planned a move-up day where we'll first introduce the model and then spend some time with our homeroom groups.

The principal gave us some time to start the ordering process, and we'll finish that on our time.

We committed to meeting each week for one hour beyond our PLC time to collaborate and coordinate our efforts to teach every child well. We also decided to meet for at least one full day prior to the school year to organize the schedule. We'll also set up meetings with special educators to coordinate our collective efforts.

  • Students will use an accordion folder to bring papers from home to school and then from classroom to classroom. 
  • We'll use an online homework document.
  • Most materials for each subject/learning focus will remain in the classroom where that content is taught to alleviate the need to carry multiple materials around each day.
  • Conferences will primarily be held with the homeroom teacher, but when requested or needed, other teachers will attend. 
Common Language and Rules
We'll work together to create a common short list of rules and expectations that match our school's focus.

The First Six Weeks
As Ruth Charney, author of Teaching Students to Care, we'll use the first few weeks of school to teach routines, promote a growth mindset, build community, and invite student voice and choice.

Summer Fun
We'll take the time this summer to relax with friends and family and dig into our individual work so we're ready to go when school starts for teachers in late August.