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Monday, June 01, 2015

Focus: Reading, Writing, and Editing

Tomorrow and the next day the big focus will be the biography project. Most of the day students will read, write, and edit, and I surmise that by Wednesday afternoon we'll almost complete all the reports.

The key tomorrow morning will be to set the stage for this deep work--work that require lots of self regulation, peer/teacher coaching, and thoughtful research, study, and writing.

I'll inspire their work by reminding them about the great feeling one gets when he/she presents a work of value. I'll remind them that not only their family members and teachers will view their projects, but the younger students will also see the work--work that will serve to inspire their later study and current understanding of history.

On the project day, students will dress in character and line up by the dates the individuals they studied were born--it is quite a site when we view individuals who lived for a possible 2,000-year or more range.