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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Definition Empowers

I am so happy to have definition for next year's role.

I'm very excited to dig into my role specific and role shared for the upcoming year.

Now that a decision has been made, I can do the good work possible with my colleagues to set the stage for a terrific year ahead.

What defines this good work?

First, the team met to write and discuss transition letters, supply lists, summer study suggestions, and protocols.

Next we'll meet with administrators to discuss the plan, answer questions, and describe teaching/learning efforts.

Then we'll order supplies. After that I'll clean up the classroom. First, I'll get rid of supplies that are no longer useful or applicable to my role.  I'll also organize the Maker Station, poster drawer, and math supplies in preparation for next year.

Over the summer, I'll read, research, design lessons, and update online class sites to prepare.

Gaining definition has taken thousands of pounds of stress off my shoulders and given me the energy to end the year with enthusiasm. I love to do good work and collaborate to teach children well, and now we have the green light to engage in that kind of effort. A positive turn in the road.