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Friday, May 15, 2015

Why Is There Resistance to Share?

I don't know why some in schools are resistant to share.

Last night I watched a school report related to an effort I've been tirelessly working on all year. I heard the reporter tell his story of a similar effort--one I didn't know about.

I wondered why that reporter's ideas and mine were never shared or synthesized. I wondered about the funding, the support, the timeline, and process.

I could ask, but when I hear information from other sources and then ask, I'm typically not met with a positive response.

Perhaps some are resistant to share because they just don't realize how powerful share can be when it comes to teaching and learning well. Or perhaps the vehicles or time for share don't exist.

In almost all cases, sharing the good work, questions, and even challenges in a school system serve the entire learning team including students, families, educators, leaders, and citizens well.

Every time I learn of important information through indirect channels, it feels like a little stab or indignation to the work I strive for. Have you ever experienced this in your teaching/learning organization? If so, why do you think this happens? Is it time, will, lack of understanding, "manage the message," or something else.  Also if you've experienced this, how do you deal with it. Rather than indignation, hurt, or pain, I'd like to move this experience to a more positive, proactive realm. Thanks in advance for your consult.