Friday, May 01, 2015

What's Most Important?

What are the most important teaching targets at your grade level or subject area?

If you and your colleagues had to make a list of the five most important teaching/learning goals, what would they be?

How would your list compare to the list of other grade levels or subject areas?

If I had to make the list for fifth grade, these are the five top areas I'd include:
  • Read books, articles, and other literature of choice everyday for one hour alone, w/friends, or with teachers. Focus on critical thinking skills, then share and reflect on what you learn/experience in meaningful ways. 
  • Compose with words, speech, and multimedia tools everyday for one hour independently, w/friends, or with teachers. Focus on communication skills. 
  • Learn math in active, hands-on ways everyday for one and one-half hours. Focus on blended learning strategies, coding, precision, stamina, and problem solving. 
  • Study science and social studies with meaningful, hands-on, collaborative, interdisciplinary units each week. Focus on content knowledge, teamwork, character, and contribution via service learning. 
  • Engage in specialist learning that develops students' ability in the arts and wellness for one hour a day. 
How would your choices differ from this? What is the rationale behind your choices?