Thursday, April 30, 2015

Prepare for Spring Teaching

Prepare for spring teaching:
  • Collect seed pods, pots, seeds, soil for mystery seed project.
  • Bring the picnic table, ramps, ride-on cars, balls, outdoor toys to school.
  • Have some picnic blankets on hand for playground picnics.
  • Make flags and a woods map for Capture the Flag Game
  • Make notices for TEAM Day.
  • Collect bottles, cans, old pipes, and any other scraps that make sound for science sound project.
  • Organize Rivers Day busses and in-house visit.
  • Continue to organize the STEAM area.
  • Play with K'Nex simple machine kits.
  • Make balloon boats, cars, and planes.
  • Help kindergartners explore what floats and what doesn't.
  • Dress up as famous people in history and share reports about those people.
  • Put on the play, The Emperor's New Clothes.
  • School picnics, Field Day, and the book fair.
  • Learn about history with a Freedom Trail tour.
  • Listen to a storyteller tell African folk tales.
  • Prep Outdoor Education activities. 
An eventful, exciting, and joyful time of the teaching/learning year.