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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Tomorrow's Test

If tomorrow's test is like the practice test, students will have to do the following to do well.
  • Read very carefully. Mark up the text.
  • Break apart the text as many problems have multiple steps.
  • Calculate large numbers with precision.
  • Visualize descriptions. Draw models to make sense of text. 
  • Know their prepositions.
  • Remember differences between addition/subtraction of fractions and multiplication of fractions, decimal placement for multiplication vs. addition/subtraction, x,y coordinates, the details related to quadrilaterals, mm-km-m-cm-gal.-pt-qt-c.-inch-ft-yd conversions, and more.
  • Take their time and check their work.
We've reviewed the material. For some the test will be a leap from where their current skills are, and for others there's the chance they'll do very well.

We reviewed all the concepts, vocabulary, and skills. Now it's their turn to show off what they know.

Hopefully the students will get some rest tonight, eat a healthy breakfast, and bring a nutritious snack tomorrow. Also it will be helpful if the humidity and temperature subsides, and the pollen lessens so the students can do their best. I'll cheer them on in the morning, and then let them attend to the task on their own once the test begins. Onward.