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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Teaching Model?

Educators know their positions for next year. I'm delighted to continue my role as a fifth grade teacher. Now we're waiting to hear about the teaching model we'll employ at fifth grade.

This year we had a great partner-teaching model. I really liked what I was able to do as I worked with a dedicated partner teacher and was responsible for half the curriculum. There was less of that isolation one classroom teacher experiences when he/she is responsible for all the curriculum and all of the students, and teaching half the program provided the time and focus for greater depth and success.

Next year, there will be three of us at the grade level and there are many ways we could split up the curriculum to serve children well. I've voiced my ideas by talking with the team and creating a written plan, but it's not our decision to make so we're waiting to hear what administration decides about how we'll teach next year.

Once we hear the news we'll be able to prepare the next leg of planning for the year to come, planning that includes the following tasks:
  • the move-up letter
  • move-up day plans
  • supply organization
  • ordering new supplies (due on 6/1)
  • grade-level patterns/organization
  • summer study choices and materials
  • website maintenance
  • room needs
  • summer work plan
Since lessons for the current class are planned and ready, I eagerly await the decision so I can move forward with the plans in order to prepare for a great start to next year, a start that begins with move-up day a little more than a month away.