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Monday, May 11, 2015

The Year's Last LONG Test Review

Tomorrow marks the year's last long test review.

I know that a review right before the test helps students to remember what they've learned and helps them to do better on tests.

Recently when I took the MTEL Elementary Math Test, I did a nice long review the two days prior to the test. I wish I had added one more day of review, but nevertheless I did better having done the review than if I had not reviewed the main concepts.

So tomorrow the students who have a big case of spring fever and an even bigger case of pollen allergies will review the PARCC practice test together by marking up the text, paying attention to key vocabulary, and sharing strategies. Later they'll have a chance to warm up their computation skill by completing a number of That Quiz online problems.

On Wednesday we'll take the first test and complete the Symphony Assessment. Then on Thursday we'll explore geometry with tangram problems. After that on Friday we'll take the final big standardized test of the year!