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Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Week Ahead: Teaching Well May 2015

It's a beautiful day!

I'm thinking about the teaching/learning in the week ahead.

Now that the tests are past, everyone is ready to engage in collaborative research, hands-on learning, exploration, and performance work.

The Play
The play takes center stage as students craft costumes, practice lines, sing songs, and rehearse. My job is to support these young actors and the play director in any way I can.

Biography Project
Students are reading, taking notes, and writing about famous people in history--people they'll recreate with costume, character, and an informational "interview." We'll work a lot on this project during the week.

The Outdoor Classroom
High school students will join us as we revisit our outdoor classroom, a small plot of land near out school. Students will practice their outdoor classroom skills and meet standards as we investigate the local ecosystem.

River Days Exploration II
I'll work with the teaching team and local conservation agencies to match this event to standards, students' learning interests and needs, and developing stewardship with regard to the local habitat.

Next Year
It's likely that we'll hear more information about next year's teaching/learning grade-level model which, in turn, will enable us to begin ordering supplies, writing letters, and making plans for the upcoming transition.

This is a busy week of preparation and thoughtful work; endeavor that will set the stage for wonderful events to come.