Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Thirteen Days of Math

I'm about to begin an exploration of "The Thirteen Days of Math." I am going to combine the study of multiples/factors, math facts, math vocabulary, numerical expression, place value, the SMPs, and mathematical thinking into a 13-day curriculum that focuses on the numbers 0-12.

For each number we'll dig deep into that number's "identity" and what that number "can do." We'll use these "easy numbers" as a way to learn about math manipulatives, properties, tools (calculators, rulers, grid paper. . .), and process. I like the idea of this unit because by beginning the year with "easy numbers," you invite all students to the math table. In the same way you also invite both basic understanding and more sophisticated understanding that relate to each of these numbers. Further, this exploration will provide me, the teacher, with a good understanding of my young mathematicians' abilities with regard to the Standards of Mathematical Practice (SMPs).

Have you employed a "Thirteen Days of Math" curriculum? If so, what materials have you used? I look forward to this exploration and your share.

As part of this study, we'll learn about the history of numbers.