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Monday, May 04, 2015

Teaching Well: The Week Ahead

Early morning reading of one of my favorite blogs, Connected Principals, focused on language and entanglement making me think about the language I use each day to inspire and teach students as well as the impact I make in the school community.

Thinking ahead about the week's work helps to set the stage for a positive week. This week, like every week, is filled with events and activities.

Faculty Meeting
We're starting the week off with a faculty meeting. The agenda is full. My role this month is to listen well and think about how I can apply the information to upcoming efforts.

School Assembly
My students are ushers and emcees. They're very excited about that. I'm proud that most students have stepped up to try out the job of emcee, a chance to present in front of our 400-person school assembly audience.

We have three official tests this week. Students are prepared. My job is to exude positivity and to follow the test directives.

Science Games
To prep for the tests, we'll play a science review game using questions from past tests.

Toys and Games
I brought in some new playground games, balls, and toys. I'm excited about this because it will give my students who don't typically choose the sports games, other recess activities.

PARCC Math Review
We'll use the PARCC End-of-Year PARCC Practice test for test review and practice. Next week students will take the PARCC EOY Tests.

Another busy week ahead.