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Sunday, May 03, 2015

Promoting Ideas Takes Skill

When and where did you learn to push an idea forward?

Did you have formal training in this regard? If so, where did you get that training?

As I reflect on the ideas I've had and how I pushed them forward, I realize that sometimes I've been successful and sometimes I have not been successful.

Success depended on strategic process and team.

When I was not successful, I didn't follow the wise strategy of the book, Getting to Yes, and there were even times when I put the idea before the people which I've learned is never a good idea.

Instead of following the advice of so many in our midst which is to stay quiet and mind your own business, I suggest instead that people learn how to forward ideas, use their voices wisely, and put people first as they forward ideas and good practice. Promoting silence only serves to hinder our efforts to move forward as a people and community. Instead, promote reflective, thoughtful, strategic action in the hopes of making a better world.