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Saturday, May 02, 2015

Focus and Narrow the Professional Learning Path

In this age of ready information, our professional learning path has the potential to be very broad and full. Yet when we spread ourselves too thin, our work may not be as good. Finding that right balance of professional learning is vital to your work and sense of confidence and pride too. Optimal work makes us feel good and affects others with strength as well.

As I consider the professional learning path ahead, I'm thinking about the areas I want to delve into in order to develop my teaching/learning. I'm also thinking about the many venues out there for learning. What will I choose?

This year I spent a lot of money on professional learning and I won't be able to do that next year so I'll be looking for low cost options--options such as in-house professional learning, local edcamps, online share, and book study.

Specifically, I plan to include the following in the 2015-2016 professional learning path:
  • revisit/revise work related to reflection to present at this summer's MTA summer conference.
  • revisit learning design, coding, and creativity for Wayland Institute presentations.
  • read, research, design, and develop the learning/teaching map and materials for next year's assignment.
  • regular participation in #edchat and #satchat
  • systemwide summer work related to next year's assignment
  • grade-level and/or subject area systemwide teamwork
  • school year focus on creating a dynamic, inclusive, collaborative learning community by modeling and fostering learning-to-learn mindsets, routines, and behaviors.
  • attendance at one or two edcamps and possibly conferences/workshops promoted and supported by the school system.
What plans do you have for professional learning in the year ahead? Making plans now can help you to plan for the dates, funds, and opportunities to present. This lead time will also help you to strategically navigate your teaching/learning path too.