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Saturday, May 02, 2015

Do We Prioritize Learning-to-Learn Mindsets, Routines, and Behaviors?

We prioritize concept, knowledge, and skill because we know that's important and because there's such high expectations in that regard. Yet do we prioritize learning-to-learn mindsets, routines, and behaviors enough?

We continually discuss that this is a time of ready access to what seems like infinite sources of information. We wonder how to navigate all this information well and how we can teach our students to successfully travel this information path.  It is essential that we coach students ability to successfully learn to learn by modeling and by explicit teaching/learning activities. We can also embed learning-to-learn lessons into content curriculum projects regularly.

Last summer I read a lot about this and created this Learning-to-Learn website. I employed many of the activities, but not all. This summer I will refine and develop the website. Then next year I will make a more concerted effort to embed the lessons into the curriculum by matching the lessons to specific learning/teaching units on the curriculum map. I also want to share these lessons and related research with colleagues and families so they can support the effort at in school and at home.

The students we teach will likely live long lives and their happiness and success will depend on their mindsets, learning skill, and behaviors. We will do well by them if we take the time to explicitly teach this critical information--information that will give them the tools they need to pursue happiness and a good life.