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Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Disruptive Learning?

When learning tasks and expectations are easy to fulfill, there is less disruption.

Yet when there is less disruption is there less learning?

Cognitive study shows that comfort leads to greater learning although conflict promotes learning too?

Obviously there is a just right balance of challenge and ease when it comes to teaching well, and striking that balance is the art of the job.

We don't want classrooms where our "top" students continuously face little challenge and move along with ease while our "most challenged" students regularly struggle. We want every child to experience success and just right struggle; we want all students to experience true learning--learning that includes goal setting, learning, assessment, reflection, and revision.

I want to think more about this topic as I design and implement curriculum in the final weeks of school this year and throughout next year's teaching.

A bright child in my class prompted these thoughts when he assessed recent teaching efforts. At first the child's assessments were challenging, but as I thought more about the words shared, I realized more about what it means to coach with depth, care, and intention.

The challenge and strength of the teaching profession lies in the reality that we are always learning and meeting new challenges as we work to teach all children well. Our move towards greater collaboration and learning design at the collegial level supports this work well.