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Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Blog: Why Repetition?

My blog has a lot of repetition.

It has detail, emotion, and day-to-day events.

In some ways this point-by-point, all-inclusive blog doesn't necessarily make good reading every day so why continue?

I've committed to telling the real story of one teacher's job with detail. I want people to know the real story of the daily ups and downs, highs and lows, and progress a teacher experiences during his/her career.

When I started my blog untruths about teaching were everywhere. But now it seems like the true story of teaching is starting to emerge thanks to the voices of so many who are highlighting real teachers' work, struggles, ideas, triumphs, and emotions.

I'm not writing to entertain. Instead I'm writing to share ideas, tell a true story, problem solve, and keep a record.

Teaching is a job that includes lots of repetition--repetition forges those brain paths we need for good learning. It's also a job that moves back and forth between the details and the big picture steadily as we chose best practice.  The job is an endless pursuit of teaching children well and that's a job that takes daily attention and focus by individuals and the learning team.