Saturday, April 18, 2015

Teacher Leadership: MTA Opportunity

The thought of teacher leadership after a career of 29 years in the classroom is both attractive and daunting. When you've taught for 29 years, and you're a vocal, risk taker like me, you've eaten a lot of humble pie. Yet, if the passion still burns strong in your soul, you may still feel the desire to grow your craft and voice as one way to contribute to the profession and support the promise and potential optimal education holds for every child.

That's why I applied to the MTA's Teacher Leadership Initiative. I'm sure that the initiative will draw a large number of well qualified applicants and that's promising for all teachers in Massachusetts. I'm glad that our Union is supporting this effort as it matches the U.S. Department of Education's teacher leadership initiative as well as the wonderful potential greater teacher leadership holds for our schools and students.

If you have the desire to remain a teacher and to lead too, you may be interested in this initiative. Take a look. Efforts like this are what make our Union strong, and when our Union is strong, teachers have what they need to serve students well.