Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Successful Routines, Activities, and Process for Math Study

Last week I wrote a post related to a young girl's suggestions for successful math study. As I posted earlier, I didn't give her the time her suggestions were worth. So today, I met with a large group of math students to discuss study habits and routines.  As I expected their favored methods for best study and practice differed a lot from one to another. As I listened, I knew that the best answer from the teacher's point of view was to use a menu approach to home study that included a variety of activities and levels for best result. I also realized that I had to shore up some of our routines for passing in homework, feedback, and coaching.

Student created homework pass-in area. 
As a result of that conversation, one helpful student created a homework pass-in area as depicted in the photo to the right. I also created a survey based on their responses. Students will take the survey today.

In the end, I'll synthesize the child's original comment, today's discussion, and the survey results into a revised math home study format which will begin after vacation. I'll also use the process, survey, and results to model an upcoming standards-based student survey project--a project that combines meaningful school data, fractions, line plots, and analysis.

To summarize, whenever a member of the learning team, whether it be a student, parent, colleague, leader, or community member, has something to say, it pays to listen and respond as it's the work we do together that truly makes a positive difference for the teaching/learning community.

Here's a snapshot of student responses: