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Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Layers of Knowing

Knowledge like an onion has many layers.

There are layers of knowledge I reach for. There are bloggers whose words remain a stretch for me. I follow, listen, and know there will be a day when their words are more accessible and understandable to me.

There are also layers of knowledge I've conquered and understand well. Lots of practice, experience, reading, and research have moved me forward with those layers of knowing.

And there are layers so ingrained in my mind that those layers are like the skin that covers my body--I don't even remember learning that information, and perhaps some of that knowing is even due to my DNA.

As we work to understand each other we have to be cognizant that there are layers of knowing with regard to every content, skill, and concept, and everyone is somewhere on that continuum of not knowing at all and understanding with mastery and depth.

How do we develop our layers of knowing? Also how do we use our knowledge that there are layers of knowing to more effectively communicate, teach, and collaborate? This is a question I will continue to consider.