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Friday, April 10, 2015

Good Work Takes Time

A discussion occurred related to next year's teaching and learning efforts.

Some felt it was time to change scope and sequences and others felt we should leave things as they are for now until we know more.

To do good work takes time and knowledge.

First we need to know:
  • What tests students will take?
  • When will they take those tests?
  • What knowledge, concept, and skill will students be expected to know?
  • What professional learning events are available?
  • When will we meet to share, and what protocols will lead online share?
  • What successes did students and teachers have this year on tests, with projects, and overall classroom choreography? What challenges exist?
  • What will be the system-wide focus and drive.
Then we need time to do the following:
  • Learn about new initiatives, knowledge, concept, and skill.
  • Share what we know.
  • Transfer what we know into planned learning experiences.
  • Order related supplies and materials, and learn how to use those materials.
  • Organize the teaching year.
  • Make final learning/teaching recommendations related to this year's students.
  • Sign up for learning events, and perhaps propose to present at some events.
Many efforts in schools don't take into account the fact that once the knowledge is known there is lots of work to do in order to transfer that information to classroom learning experiences and events. Since many educators don't have much time during the school day for planning, summer becomes the time when a lot of reading, research, studying, and learning occurs. 

To do the job better, we need to know what's expected with enough lead time to do the work well.