Monday, April 13, 2015

Curriculum Unit Plans: Assess, Review, Revise, and Publish

The best way to prepare for the teaching ahead is to assess, review, revise, and organize curriculum as you teach or soon after.

As I think ahead to next year's teaching, I'm thinking about the necessary steps to prepare for successful teaching and learning.

First, determine the subjects you're expected to teach.

Next, take a look at the related standards and resources.

After that either create or refine related curriculum websites. Include the standards, learning paths, related links, videos, projects, and activities.

During the summer read a book or two, attend a conference, or join an online study group that's related to the curriculum, new or old. Summer study sets you up for a vigorous, enthusiastic start to the learning year.

In the meantime, as I put the finishing touches on this year's learning, we'll work mainly on depth and reflection as we firm up the standards learned, tech skills, and project process.