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Monday, March 16, 2015

Ready to Grow: Meeting Challenge

A challenge exists.

I know we can do a better job.

The key is understanding what needs to be done and then how to do it?

What process of deliberation and solution will serve us best?

How can we visibly respect the humility and vulnerability needed to move this issue ahead in positive, proactive ways?

When will we find the time?

Who will lead the effort?

How will we track and analyze the results, then revisit and revise again to make a difference?

Too often, complex challenges are left underserved because of the complexity, time, and vulnerability these challenges demand. Yet when we do sit down, untangle the situation, and move forward with careful planning and endeavor, we create a model that serves the current challenge and similar future challenges as well.

In cases like this, the quick fix doesn't meet the challenge.

This is important work.