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Monday, March 16, 2015

BIG Ideas to Real Time Effort

A good conference leaves you with lots of big ideas, and it's how you translate those big ideas into visible effort that matter.

So as I leave DC today, I have the following action list.

Marble Maze Simple Machine Project
I'll share some of the images I took related to our marble maze project. I'll ask students to find other related images and send them to me so I can add them to the storify. We'll learn about each simple machine in depth and discuss ways to construct those simple machines for our marble mazes. We'll also illustrate simple machines in science sketch books. Finally we'll get back to constructing the simple machine mazes.

Math Study
I'll work with the team to create a strategic plan to solve a problem related to the math program. I'll also continue to dig into the CCSS standards with depth and relevance.

I'll encourage students to do their best. Set up the environment for comfortable, do-your-best, and follow-the-PARCC-rules test taking. I'll proctor as dictated by the test booklet, and I'll complement the serious test taking with hands-on, project base learning efforts.

I'll work with the team to plan for the large number of special events coming up as the we approach the last quarter of the teaching year.

Professional Learning
I'll look back on the notes I took at T&Lconf2015 and other recent conferences to work on application. I'll also prepare for the upcoming Wayland Institutes focused on STEAM and ELA.

Overall Goal
Center stage remains teaching each child well with a focus on positive, proactive relevance, relationship, and rigor.