Thursday, March 26, 2015

Communication that Supports Good Work

A colleague prompted me to consider good professional communication once again.

I believe that good communication has the following attributes:
  • Consistency--people can rely on a regular update every week or so.
  • History and Assessment: Past events are noted and analyzed for knowledge and growth.
  • Current Events: Events currently in place are shared including invitations to partake in or contribute to the event if you're available or have something to add.
  • Future Plans: Future efforts and ideas are shared and input is welcome. 
  • Mission and Vision: Mission and vision are included and referred to regularly. 
  • Thoughts and Problems are shared too enlisting the support of the community as one way to grow ideas and solve problems. 
  • Streamlined and Pleasing to Look At: The communication gets to the point in a graphically pleasing, efficient way. 
Good communication keeps everyone in the know and helps us to work and feel like a team.  When communication is lacking, potential for better work and greater team wanes too. Good communication is also efficient since it helps us to target our work in ways that matter.